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Today's Businesses are indeed on a growth trajectory and this trend extends to a complete gamut of companies be it small, medium or large. The IT Infrastructure of your organization needs to be reliable, scalable, flexible and able to withstand the pressures of day to day activities and business processes. For this your IT Infrastructure needs to be updated to keep up with the growing pace of business and need mission critical solutions and IT products that can power your business to achieve quicker and efficient results. Over a decade of experience and the expertise of our availability services, you will experience trouble-free support which will help you to gain maximum advantage with reduced costs.


Our strategic associations with Wipro, WeP, Samsung, Hp among others have been in place for more than a decade and this is a reflection of the constant quality we deliver to your business.


We provide comprehensive support and services on several platforms:


We with Upgrade services provide:


Mission Critical Services:

Server infrastructure availability provided by the AS division is a critical component of business success for datacenters, remote offices and small businesses.And are crucial to keep your business up and running always. MCS is designed for supporting critical instances of failure and thereby improving the server uptime. There are also several proactive components in the framework which help in alerting you of any problems, so that we can take preventive measures even before failure happens.


HEXAPRO has a pool of specialists available round the clock, to take control of the server and fix problems if any. They can also identify the failed parts using remote diagnostics and also send an support engineer with the spares when needed.





FM services include Help Desk, Desktop Services, Asset Management, Network Management, Data Center Services, Mail Services and Disaster Recovery Services.


Through Facilities Management, HEXAPRO integrates the planning operations and day to day management of IT resources into the business needs of the client at the client's workplace.


To compete in today's global market, enterprises must adopt emerging technologies, while maintaining over cost effectiveness to ensure lower cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure. One of the most popular strategies to safely achieve this goal is through outsourcing of IT Infrastructure Services. The Facilities Management Services team is a highly reliable resource for lowering your infrastructure maintenance costs.It serves as an independent source, managing the complex technology of your legacy environments, the introduction of new technology, as well as providing capable hands who can deliver these services.. You also enjoy lower costs at lower risk rates.


We offer a comprehensive range of solutions including outsourcing services, consulting, operations and management, integration, deployment services, maintenance, monitoring, and application of next-generation capabilities.

Here are a few of the services we focus on?


Desktop Support


Our Services include


HelpDesk Services


Helpdesk services outsourcing provides your customers with our round-theclock support, and dedicated customer care representatives, without the highcosts associated with providing in-house helpdesk services.As your business grows and develops a substantial customer base, offering helpdesk support can become overbearing, inefficient and costly.


Developing and maintaining a dedicated call center or providing helpdeskservices is essential to retaining your customers; however, taking on the task without help can drastically reduce your ability to perform and maintain the quality of your product and the enthusiasm of your sales team. Call center outsourcing enables your business to provide low-cost and effective helpdesk services with a dedicated and experienced team of professionals.


Network Management Services


We offer a number of services to help you to manage your network. This include


Messaging Systems Services


mail integration services includes deployment, planning and execution, including client installation and data migration for messaging systems and applications. Our Email Services are comprehensive, secure, robust and scalable and are built on best of breed enterprise-class open source and closed source software.


We also offer services in migrating as well as integrating messaging systems across a wide range of platforms including


Some of the Messaging applications we support include


Our end to end service and support across all solutions we deliver is an assurance of our total commitment to attend to your IT needs. HEXAPRO offers your business the opportunity to take advantage of our services to drive your business momentum with a strong IT environment.